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On Wite Out: Erasure, Rectification and Frankfurtian Bullshit

If Ferguson wasn’t a wake up call, the Grand Jury non-indictment in Staten Island in the homicide of Eric Garner should be. ‘Cause this shit happened in liberal New York, and shit like this never happens in liberal New York. Of course, that’s an empty claim–it’d be bullshit, were it not so intimately anchored to … Continue reading

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On Letters to Some Young Artists (in Newburgh)

Young artists, you don’t need to get your name out “there”; just make the best work you can make. Out “there” doesn’t exist in a way meaningful enough that you’d do, make, anything but the very best you can. Don’t schmooze and mingle, and don’t be a charlatan. No one cares enough about your art … Continue reading

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Byrning Down the Wendy House

My friend, fellow-artist and collaborator, Odin, has just written a great piece on the recent David Byrne fluff and the riposte/retort “Boo hoo, fuck off” from artist and curator  Ric Kasini Kadour.  Those two call-response pieces are fun to read, and they say more about the writer’s views than anything indisputably true about the state … Continue reading

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On Local Maxima

In math, and economics–thanks to its 40-year-run of mathematicity–there’s this nice distinction between global maxima and local maxima. If you assume a bounded space, and assume that space includes rationality, consumption, writ however, then all you have before you, all you can maximize has to be maximized in that local space. Let’s try that in … Continue reading