Art Criticism / Photography as Documentary

Home, Where I Want to Be: Roos Arts and CPW’s Take On Our Backyards

How do you want to live?  Just to get by, picked up and turned around 9 to 5 everyday? Where? In some convex combination of your imagination and the broader political world, the precise point where the breeding grounds for your ambition match perfectly the hopes you have for good days and better days for … Continue reading

Art Criticism / Art History

From Fascist, Progressivist and Liberal Art to Fallibilist Aesthetic Pluralism: Some Notes

Suppose the study of aesthetics is also the study of value. Accept, if you will, that art’s engagement with value lies at the core of High modernism.  That’s a simple one: Duchamp’s work and that of the Futurists makes that rather clear. So, accept that the art-value relationship foregrounds for every epochal turn or stylistic … Continue reading