Art Criticism

On Bad Art as Journeyman

I need my bad work to walk ahead of me, to light the trashed road ahead.  I need my bad work to trail close behind me, to catch me in error and to sheath my verbal kit. That bad work comes along, not a journeyman, but a hidden marker, on the way to good work … Continue reading

Art Criticism / Art History / Photography as Documentary

On Teleology, Evolution, Suit-Wearing and History as Novelism

I was having this conversation yesterday with my girlfriend about how in talk of evolution there is room to disagree with so-called evolutionists because some evolutionist don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. There is room to disagree because many evolutionists don’t talk about evolution as premised in a way we think about the … Continue reading

Art Criticism

On The Weird Fact that Something I Said Got Compared to Duchamp

Here, slightly edited:  a conversation I had with my colleague and friend–though, I’ve never met the man–Odin: On the Guardian piece about the collapsing incomes of writers, and Odin’s sincere and challenging critique of people who think they’re writers just because they have a blog. (Opinions are like assholes, right? And everyone of those assholes … Continue reading