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On Letters to Some Young Artists (in Newburgh)

Young artists, you don’t need to get your name out “there”; just make the best work you can make. Out “there” doesn’t exist in a way meaningful enough that you’d do, make, anything but the very best you can. Don’t schmooze and mingle, and don’t be a charlatan. No one cares enough about your art … Continue reading

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Byrning Down the Wendy House

My friend, fellow-artist and collaborator, Odin, has just written a great piece on the recent David Byrne fluff and the riposte/retort “Boo hoo, fuck off” from artist and curator  Ric Kasini Kadour.  Those two call-response pieces are fun to read, and they say more about the writer’s views than anything indisputably true about the state … Continue reading